My name is Chantry, I was born in 1980 at Siem Reap, Angkor City. I have one sister, (deceased) and there are three brothers; one older, one younger and me. During the Civil War in Cambodia my mother passed away in 1990. So I am an orphanage boy. In just one month I lost my lovely mother and sister.  It was not a good time for me to go to school because my father was experiencing much suffering in the family. I only studied to the 5th grade in my homeland primary school. After I stopped studying in our dark time, I went to help my father by farming in the fields . My Dad was not so happy when I ceased to study. He tried to find a good path for my future, by sending me to a Buddhist Temple. I lived as a Monk for 10 years and studied all general knowledge. This was a good time for me to hope for a better future in life. In 2004 I left the Monastery to live a normal life. In 2005 I started as a driver,  serving the tourists in Siem Reap  and Angkor Wat . So I now have almost 10 years experience in the tourism industry. Also I have worked as a Tour Guide for Singaporean students, taking them to projects in the Cambodian countryside and at orphanage centres too.
Our Services
English & Chinese speaking driver
Arrangement of your trip by e-mail & phone
Bring you to the most interesting places at your request
Flexible to drive to many interesting places
Adjust to your time schedule
Bring you to the best restaurants with best prices
Free Transfer to and from Airport
Arrange an excellent official English tour guide costs $ 25 a day
Free Cold water and cold tower