Mis. Erika and Matteo Email Address: erikacornali@gmail.com
We hired Chantry for one day in January 2011 to visit the temples around Angkor (Banteay Srei, Kbal Spean, Roluos group, Beng Mealea) and really appreciated his service. He drives carefully, speaks good English, knows the area very well and he is also ready to share information about Cambodia, so it was really pleasant to spend the day with him. We would definitely recommend him!
Mr. Jackson Chung Email Address: jacksonchung@hotmail.com
The 3 of us hired Pete and his car (Toyota Camry) for a one day trip to the Roules Group on 1/4/2011. We first went to Banteay Samre, stopped by the Landmine Museum, then went to Banteay Srei, Kbal Spean, and finally Beng Mealea. Chantry is a very courteous and safe driver. His car is kept clean and well maintained; it turns out that it is his family's car. At Kbal Spean, he reminded us to take a short cut when we came back downhill to see a waterfall that many visitors would miss. Every time we returned to his car, he would give each of us unlimited supply of ice cold water bottles. This is particularly useful after a long walk on a hot day. We could see that Chantry is considerate to his guests. While he was driving, he would chat with us and talked about the Cambodian culture and their local way of living. It was a perfect occassion for understanding more about Cambodia and its people. Chantry speaks fluent English and Chines, so it was truly a pleasure talking to him. We would highly recommend Chantry to our friends and anyone who would need a driver when visiting the Siem Reap area. Nice job, Chantry! Keep up the good work!
Miss. Charlotte Wang Email Address: wangcharlotte314@yahoo.com.cn
What I want to say here is having Chantry as our driver at Siem Reap was definitely our luck. He is a typically diligent and nice Cambodian- never be late, very considerate, drive carefully, happy to share, very polite, gentle, simple and funny. He recommended the food and suggested good arrangement for our route, which were very helpful and thoughtful. I bet you couldn't find a better driver than Chantry in Siem Reap, further you've never seen such a driver in China. For myself, I won't look for anyone else when I travel to Siem Reap next time (if at that time Chantry is still driver -- no doubt will he have a good future). It is a pity that my friend and I did not have chance to take a picture with him. But our memory will count.
Miss. Amy Email Address: wangzhanmeibj@yahoo.com.cn
Miss. Kuncy Gu Email Address: luckgk3@sina.com
我们一行3人4天的吴哥之旅非常愉快,回味无穷。这份愉悦少不了Chantry专业,贴心的服务。我们几个人都不太喜欢做功课,但是鉴于我们将近圣诞去吴哥,所以就决定出发前把包车的事儿先定下来。几个人中我的英语相对好那么一点点,所以任务就落到我头上。我从一个重庆美眉写的游记里看到Chantry的信息。感觉不错,所以就给他发了Email.没想到很快就收到了他的回复。从Email中就能感觉到这家伙英语不赖。就像重庆美眉说的,咱的英语不好,再找一个英语和咱一样烂的,那到时够通起来得多困难。事实证明,与司机的沟通很重要。Chantry不光英语好,关键服务很专业,经验丰富,人也很贴心。Chantry很守时,从来没让我们等过他。每到一个景点,他都会告诉我们这个景点大该要游览多长时间,有哪些值得看的。最让我们很感动的是Chantry陪同我们一起去看洞里萨日落。那是我们到吴哥的第一天。3个女孩儿搭一条船,傍晚在陌生国度的湖上,行驶在贫穷的越南浮村中,想想就不是件轻松的事儿。但Chantry主动做我们的导游,让我们很感动,也让洞里萨之旅很完美。最后一天的崩密列,Chantry再次主动地作了我们的导游。我想他转行做导游也绝对没问题。在这里谢谢Chantry。Thank you, Chantry.
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